Image Author and Intellectual Rights

All works by Gaston Orellana, images thereof, and all related intellectual property are protected by copyright law. The artist holds exclusive copyright on all his works and the exclusive right to do and to authorize others to:

  • Reproduce the work (hard or soft copies)
  • Prepare derivative works based upon the work
  • Distribute copies of the work to the public by sale or other transfer of ownership, or by rental, lease, or lending
  • Display the copyrighted work publicly

We ask applicants who wish to make use of such works –on any platform and for any purpose, whether educational or commercial– to send to us a request for authorization to use material, giving full details of the specific use to be made of the images. To proceed or to make an enquiry about using Rights to images of Orellana or his works please contact us.

Rights to images include those relating to works owned by the Artist, to the Archivo Gaston Orellana, as well as works belonging to other owners. Hence, reproduction of works is not allowed in any format (photographic, cinematographic, digital, etc.), except when regulated by free fair use for specific and limited purposes (such as education) envisaged in copyright law.

The contents of this site, including all text, comments and images are the exclusive property of the Archivo Gaston Orellana (excluding any photograph rights).

It is illegal for anyone to violate any of the rights provided by copyright law to the copyright holder. All rights are reserved. Except for personal use, reproduction of the contents of the site, in whole or part, is prohibited and may be enforced under relevant laws.